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Brydson Lee

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date of birth:  July 24, 1994

Zodiac:  Leo

Hometown: Silsby, TX

Height: 5'7"

Music has always been a part of Brydson Lee's life. He has fond memories of hearing his Mom singing around the house and of a plastic guitar she bought him when he was a kid.  Even at three years old, he knew he wanted to sing.  You could say that music runs in his genes - all of his relatives sing and play instruments.

Brydson Lee represents Richmond AND Texas.  Silsby is a small town where everyone knows everyone.  In that environment you get more competition than support, but it will always be home.  Growing up, Brydson Lee and his family had some hard times but the one thing that got him through was music.  With a big influence from Gary Clark, Jr., his guitar skills improved.  He joined a church around 16 and started playing music and leading worship.  Church is where he learned to play multiple instruments - guitar, drums, piano and more.  After a while, he fell on hard times again and decided to move to Richmond, Virginia in 2014.

In 2018. he met Phil on Instagram.  Brydson Lee liked the idea of a small label with family vibes. Everyone just clicked - there have been shared laughs and maybe even a few tears.  It's more than just music.

Brydson Lee's future includes being in your playlist and touring in your hometown. 

"Once people figure out who I am, it's a done deal."


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